Best Ciircular SawHi, I’m Phil, And ive been a passionate woodworker all my life. Still got all my fingers though!! And  the secret to that is, really pay attention to what you are doing when using a saw of any type including a circular saw, table saw, miter saw, band saw or even a jigsaw or polesaw.- or before you know it, you are a digit short. I nearly lost my whole hand to a eight foot bandsaw once. Never again!

Anyway electric saws are awesome beasts and very well designed and made these days. Have a look through the site – you are sure to find the one you want. There are reviews of all the best saws and plenty of links to Amazon where you will find them. Some like the Dewalt Circular Saw have over 1500 reviews.

Any questions feel free to contact me, Id love to hear from you. Happy ripping and keep your fingers!